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In Memory of 


Meadow was an incredible doe. She was born in 2018 in a set of triplets. She was always so friendly and calm. Meadow was our first mama on the farm and she made the whole process so easy on us. She was an attentive and loving mother who had four babies over her lifetime. In March of 2021 she was diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer, and because she was already pregnant, the vet decided it would be dangerous to remove it. Before we could plan to do anything about it after she delivered, it metastasized into her udder and grew. After a year long battle, the vet informed us that she was uncomfortable and there was nothing left we could do, so on April 15th, 2022, we said goodbye to our precious Meadow. She was an incredible animal that brought so much to our lives and our herd. We loved her so much and she will always be greatly missed.

A golden colored goat stands in a green pasture with the sun setting behind her
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