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About Us

Three baby goats standing on top of two tree stumps
Three baby goats sitting in a green pasture


We are a small Nigerian Dwarf dairy goat farm located just outside of Brighton, Colorado. In 2018, we bought our first four goats, a set of triplets and a yearling doe. We are in love with these sweet, affectionate, exciting creatures and we had our first set of babies born on the farm in 2020. 

We are currently keeping our herd at a small size so we can spend time with all of them. Our babies are dam raised if possible, and we spend lots of time with the babies to socialize them. The babies we sell make wonderful goats for milking, 4-H, or simply for beautiful and sweet pets. 


While we do not show our goats right now, we are committed to improving our herd genetics. We are members of both ADGA and AGS and register our goats with both. 

We currently use the our goat's milk in soap, ice cream, and baking, and are beginning to learn how to make cheese and lotions. 

Thank you for stopping by our site, and let us know if you have an questions or comments!


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